Goals for 2020 and the midterm period

Goals for 2020 and the midterm period

In upcoming years we have a number of ambitious HR management plans. These can be divided into various categories:


  • Launching the TOP‑1000 programme, which is similar to the Top‑300 programme and is aimed at managing employees of lower positions
  • Creating a remote learning system
  • Creating a corporate programme aimed at improving the technical skills and competences of relevant employees
  • Running a training programme for internal coaches to ensure the development of persuasive communication skills among the Group’s managerial employees
  • Creating action plans around the first line supervisor training in the Steel, North America segment


  • Continued implementation of the Target remuneration system
  • Elaborating a Regulation on uniform remuneration at Group level


  • The digitalisation of recruitment in order to unify and automate the manual work of recruiters; creating personal candidate accounts, with options to fill in documents required for online employment
  • Working on the external brand of the employer in order to attract more talent

Social policy

  • Continued development of the pilot healthcare and healthy lifestyle project. Collating and assessing the first results and deciding on whether to extend it to other EVRAZ employees
  • Organising events devoted to healthcare and well-being issues at EVRAZ enterprises
  • Creating action plans around union negotiations at two major sites in the Steel, North America segment

Human rights and diversity

  • Elaborating the Human Rights and Personnel Diversity policies