Emergency prevention and response

The Group pays great attention to maintaining emergency preparedness. The identification of hazards and emergency risk evaluation procedures are regulated by the Provision on the EVRAZ Industrial Safety Management System. This is a proactive system that incorporates a set of procedures and documents that are used to prevent an emergency. EVRAZ facilities are also ranked according to emergency related criteria, such as hazardous substances used in production processes, previous emergencies at facilities, and the emergency-prevention system performance. Based on the respective evaluation, each enterprise is assigned a hazard class. In addition, potential emergency scenarios are developed, and estimations made of how likely it is that they will occur and which zones are the most hazardous.

EVRAZ rescue teams, ambulance, and other specialised services are always on duty. They conduct drills on a regular basis, including joint exercises with the Ministry of Emergency Services.

If an emergency arises, an emergency warning system is activated by the emergency rescue services, such as the Miner Rescue Centre, to inform local residents and authorities. First aid, transfer services, and respective treatments are provided to all injured persons.