Volunteering initiatives have for a long time been popular in the regions where we operate. The Group’s employees have a strong labour union movement presence, and our staff are highly organised; as a direct result of this, volunteering exists independently as an activity from the Group’s headquarters, and because of this the Group does not have any official policy on volunteering, or a centralised volunteering programme. That said, for many years our employees have been helping and volunteering in various causes. EVRAZ employees have supported helping people in challenging life situations, children’s institutions, and organised social and sports events to raise funds and increase awareness.

Over the years of these activities there has been a series of annual events, including, for the third consecutive year, EVRAZ NTMK employees holding the Relay of Good Deeds project to help educational institutions in the Sverdlovsk Region. In addition, volunteering events are often unique, including when the employees from the Group’s Moscow office volunteered to paint the corridors of the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Moscow, in partnership with the Fun Corridor fund.

Case study

EVRAZ KGOK Spring City Day clean-ups

In Kachkanar volunteers from the local EVRAZ plant cleared rubbish that had accumulated over the winter in the city, including the forest park zone and the 10th micro district. It took only 90 minutes to collect enough rubbish from the area behind the local church to fill an entire Kamaz truck. The event took place on 27 May, which is the City Day of Kachkanar.

Case study

Orphanage No. 95 and Island of Hope

For over 70 years EVRAZ ZSMK employees have been sponsoring orphanage No. 95 and the orphanage Island of Hope. This year the women’s public organisation of EVRAZ ZSMK, together with the primary labour union and management, continued in this regard work on the social adaptation of orphans and children left without parental care. The children attend classes where they are taught cooking, cutting, and sewing skills, independent housekeeping, and play sport and take part in competitions, visit cultural events, and attend vocational guidance classes. Also, financial aid is provided to orphanages.