Recruitment and adaptation

Effective recruitment provides companies with employees with the required level of qualifications. It is also important to ensure that new employees adapt successfully in a company, in order to help them realise their talent as early as possible.


As part of our continuous development, in 2019, we paid particular attention to improving our practices related to attracting new talent. Accordingly, our recruitment system was significantly upgraded in the reporting period.

In December 2019, the recruitment process for some of the Group’s segments was automated using the Hunt-flow system (cloud solutions). This innovation was introduced in the Siberia and Urals regions of the Steel segment and in the Coal segment and enhanced the transparency of the process, both for recruiters and potential employees. Also, a new recruitment centre was set up in the Siberia region, which took the quality and the efficiency of the hiring process to a new level. In addition to organisational and technical changes, we also worked with our HR specialists engaged in recruitment in order to ensure that their abilities are commensurate with the new standards.

Case study

Recruiters conference

In 2019, EVRAZ for the first time held an educational event for recruiters. On 25 and 26 July, in Novokuznetsk, recruitment specialists from the Siberia and the Urals regions of the Steel segment were brought together to study new practices, share experience, and participate in professional workshops.

Live communication was an important part of the conference.

Experts from our personnel selection centres discussed challenging and interesting cases from their career and looked at potential ways to address them under the guidance of an invited coach. Working with people often requires creative thinking: in order to develop creative potential, the employees drew comics, made collages, and acted out scenes devoted to recruitment-related activities.


Working with young specialists

When it comes to staff selection and recruitment, working with young professionals is a particularly important issue. In EVRAZ, various activities are carried out devoted to attracting young talent to the Group, and familiarising them with the specifics of metals and mining industries.

We provide internship opportunities to university students, both at the Management Company and at the production facilities. In the Steel segment in the Siberia region alone approximately 1,500 students annually undergo internships, and around 300 of these receive job offers. In our cities of operation EVRAZ companies are actively engaged in working not only with secondary specialised educational institutions and universities, but also with schools.

Furthermore, events devoted to interacting with educational institutions are regularly hosted, including recruitment days, career days, and excursions to production sites for students and teachers.

We work with young specialists and school students in the following areas:

  • Career guidance for school and university students
  • Internships for students and teachers
  • Corporate scholarships
  • Grants to develop educational institutions
  • Our certified experts participating in examinations held by educational institutions

Contributing to SDG 4: Quality education

Project: Metal Cup Championship

Stakeholders: Local communities

EVRAZ is proud to be a general partner of Metal Cup, a competition held for higher education students aimed at developing the metallurgical industry, which has been held annually since 2015.

In 2019, students from 33 educational institutions around Russia took part in the competition and, in the international final, teams from 10 countries put forward strategies for developing the metallurgical industry in their respective countries.

Participation in the competition allows students to become acquainted with actual production tasks, gain teamwork experience, try out their strategies, and make management decisions.

Value for stakeholders: Education in metallurgy, developing leadership skills.

Value for EVRAZ: Development of the metallurgical industry, searching for potential future employees.


Mentorship is one of the most effective ways of communicating knowledge and sharing experience within a company. In EVRAZ we have always been a strong advocate of mentorship programmes. In addition, we adopt a special approach to mentoring: mentoring is considered a second profession.

In 2019, the “Buddy” mentorship programme was elaborated and introduced in EVRAZ. Every new employee is assigned a “buddy”, who helps with social and professional adaptation for the first few months. To ensure the effectiveness of the mentorship process, training programmes are conducted for potential mentors. Mentorship activities are regulated by the Production Mentoring Statement, which was also elaborated in 2019. We hope to see the first results of the programme in 2020.