External OHS activities

The overall safety performance of the Group also depends on the active engagement of our contractors and other parties in developing a comprehensive HSE management system. We work constantly to promote safety and to implement best practices through the active involvement of contractors and taking part in external associations and conferences.

Contractor engagement

Collaboration with contractors remains a priority area for ensuring workplace safety and improving contractor management. Our contractors are integrated into the EVRAZ HSE management system and we continue to make efforts to boost their engagement level. Work with contactors is regulated by the Standard on HSE Contractor Management and consists of a four-stage procedure. In 2019, this standard was updated.

Standard on HSE Contractor Management

To ensure safety performance, EVRAZ provides additional, practical job-related trainings to contractors’ employees. Also, in accordance with national regulations, contractors must undergo occupational safety trainings. In this regard EVRAZ monitors whether contractors are ready to perform work by evaluating their safety training protocols.

EVRAZ entities also conduct trainings among contractors using specialised simulators and tests. Training methods are based on identified risks, task-specific safe work practices, and established safety and health regulations.

In 2019, the EVRAZ Ural Staff Training Centre was equipped with a new virtual reality work-at-height simulator. The simulator is used to train EVRAZ employees and to train and test contractors in order to confirm their skills and safety performance. EVRAZ training centres play a significant role in a new contractors rating system – ​contractors that have trained at these centres receive additional scores during tender procedures.

EVRAZ and its contractors collaborate together to ensure workplace safety. In 2019, the Group organised the first safety round table, and invited contractors to discuss health and safety requirements that are essential to EVRAZ.

External OHS activities