Lowering air emissions

EVRAZ’s growing production levels are inevitably accompanied by air emissions, which potentially can impact the environment and human health. To minimise this, we apply innovative technological solutions when upgrading gas treatment systems and replacing obsolete equipment with modern systems. In order to ensure that our emissions stay within acceptable limits, we carry out regular monitoring activities. Typical air pollutants associated with mining and steel-making processes include particulate matter (dust), nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur oxide (SOx), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In 2019, these emissions of key air pollutants saw a year-to-year decline of 0.4%.

EVRAZ key air emissions, 2017–2019, kt

Case study

“Clear Air” project implemented at EVRAZ NTMK

In 2019, EVRAZ NTMK launched the “Shifting direct coke gas to by-product recovery plant No. 3” project. The project completion will result in reduction in environmental impacts on the atmosphere and in cutting annual repair costs.

The project entails closing the final gas cooling cycle alongside upgrading the machine room and installing new cooling towers. The upgrade of recovery plant No. 3 comprises:

  • Building additional gas pipelines
  • Installing a new ammonia and benzene absorber
  • Renovating the crude benzene distillation section.

During the reporting year design works were successfully completed, key equipment suppliers were selected, and competitive procedures to select a general contractor were conducted.

Case study

“Clean Air” project implemented at EVRAZ ZSMK

At the end of 2019, EVRAZ ZSMK presented the results of an upgrade to the ZapSib power station’s electric precipitators: the refurbishment at boiler unit No. 8 was completed. The new equipment increased the treatment of flue gases to 98.5%, and lowered emissions of coal ash and soot by over 2.9 thousand tonnes per year.

Furthermore, as part of the Ecology national project, EVRAZ ZSMK plans to build sulphur and gas purification in a sinter plant, introduce final coke oven gas cooling technology, and carry out other environmental measures. The Group’s investments in this regard will amount to over US$46 million.

GRI 305-7

EVRAZ key air emissions breakdown, 2017–2019, kt
EVRAZ key air emissions, 2017–2019,
Contributing to SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Project: On the way to “Clear air” Stakeholders: Local communities

In 2019, we continued to implement the “Clear air” project at EVRAZ ZSMK and EVRAZ NTMK. The Group signed treaties with regional governments, committing to support a reduction of emissions at these facilities and to set emission quotas. The target value of reducing total air emissions by 2024 is:

  • 21% for ZSMK (compared with 2017)
  • 10% for NTMK (compared with 2017)

If the emission quotas established for our enterprises do not meet our targets, we will revise our emission reduction targets and undertake additional obligations to lower emissions. If there is no way to reduce air emissions by the end of 2024, we will take on additional social obligations.

Value for stakeholders: clean environment.

Value for EVRAZ: enhanced reputation, sound relationships with authorities and local communities.

EVRAZ also strives to reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions as part of sustainable transition efforts, by boosting the efficiency of the fuel combustion process at its facilities. In 2019, CO emissions within the Group stood at 272.91 kt.

Lowering air emissions