Local community support projects

GRI 203-1

EVRAZ organises and supports a wide range of federal and regional level initiatives across the countries where we operate. The Group supports and invests in a myriad of local community projects and programmes in its territories of operation, in addition to joining nationwide and federal level initiatives. The investment focus is environmental protection, supporting and developing sport, the social and cultural development of cities, and charitable support for children and helping with their education.

Federal level initiatives

The group pays great attention to significant new projects being developed at a federal level; projects that coincide with our strategy and policy are supported by EVRAZ when possible.

Federal projects

National projects

In 2019, at the International Economic Forum in St Petersburg, the Group signed an agreement to participate in the federal Clean Air project, which is part of the Ecology National project.

Forums and events

The Group was a general partner in a forum held in Novokuznetsh entitled The Role of Women in Developing Industrial Regions, which has evolved into an international platform for discussing women leaders across various fields. EVRAZ was a strategic partner of the INNOPROM international Industrial Fair. EVRAZ participated in the WorldSkills Hi-Tech national championship of working professionals.


EVRAZ supported the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum, the Yeltsin Centre in Ekaterinburg, the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre, and the Garage Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, and also supports the Connection foundation for the deaf and blind.

GRI 413-1

Regional projects

EVRAZ has formulated three key areas of social investment in the local communities where we operate.

EVRAZ’s three areas of social investment

GRI 203-2

EVRAZ for kids

  • Sponsoring educational programmes for children and young people, providing scholarships
  • Financing the purchase of necessary school supplies, sports equipment, and developing territories around schools, youth centres, kindergartens, and orphanages
  • Supporting children in orphanages
  • Supporting families with children with special needs

GRI 203-2

EVRAZ for cities

  • Improving the local urban infrastructure
  • Sponsoring building and renovating public recreational areas
  • Supporting infrastructure projects, including building roads, streets, and embankments
  • Sponsoring medical, educational, and cultural institutions at both federal and local levels

GRI 203-2

EVRAZ for sports

  • Supporting amateur and professional sports teams
  • Sponsoring individual athletes, by sponsoring them in training and competitions
  • Financing the purchase of necessary sport equipment and developing sports facilities and territories around schools
  • Supporting corporate sport as an important part of corporate social activities and corporate culture

EVRAZ participates in numerous federal youth programmes and works closely with academic institutions, in efforts to finance and support children and young people. The aim is to help and support the youngest generations and help develop local communities by placing a significant educational emphasis on fostering academic and athletic development.

Case study

Children’s Foresight in Kachkanar

The project Children’s foresight is an allRussian social project aimed at involving schoolchildren in the future design of their cities, together with implementing their own socially significant projects. The Children’s Foresight programme is carried out jointly with the Social Investment Fund. Also, classes on social technology and personal effectiveness are taught to the children who attend.

In 2019, over 200 schoolchildren, along with 60 teacher-mentors, participated in the project organised in Kachkanar, Nizhny Tagil, and Mezhdurechensk. They submitted over 30 social projects, with 26 of these being launched. A number of socially significant projects were implemented in Kachkanar as result of the Children’s Foresight programme, including improving Great Patriotic War memorials and creating a pottery studio.

The winners of the programme attended a social leadership camp at the Artek International Youth Campus

Case study


The ninth-annual EVRAZ Stars contest was held in the Group’s enterprises in the Siberian and Urals regions (Steel segment). The contest brings together talented young artists from the children and grandchildren of EVRAZ employees.

The finalists in the vocal nomination were Katya Biryukova from Novokuznetsk and Katya Dornina from Kachkanar. Both girls performed a concert on the square near the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre. The girls also visited Moscow, where they studied music with a teacher, and where a master class by popular video bloggers was taught. Also, the winners visited the YERALASH newsreel studio and appeared on RADIOKIDS. FM, a podcast for children. The pair finalised their trip by performing on stage at the Vegas complex in front of over 2,000 spectators, with the concert watched by more than 10,000 viewers on the Zhara channel.

EVRAZ for Kids projects
Location Institution/entity Description
Nizhny Tagil Ural Federal University Assisted in creating a robotics centre.
Mining and Transportation College Helped improve its facilities.
Mining and Metallurgical College Equipped a lab and welding shop so that it could perform installations, technical operations, and repairs to industrial equipment.
“Joy” Municipal Autonomous Pre-school Educational Institution Assisted in improving youth sports facilities at the institution’s pre-school network.
Organised the educational film “City without Danger” to be filmed, about safe behaviour for young people. Alongside professional actors, the film featured students from theatrical schools and studios from Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar.
Continued funding of rehabilitation programmes for children suffering from cerebral palsy.
Sverdlovsk region Gave presents to disadvantaged children.
Kachkanar Continued funding of rehabilitation programmes for children suffering from cerebral palsy.
Kemerovo region Gave presents to disadvantaged children.
Novokuznetsk Industrial College Helped improve its facilities.
Metallurgical College
Kalinka Folk Dance Studio Helped arrange trips to Moscow and participate in the Folk of Dance television project.
Transport and Technical College Helped improve its facilities.
Ostrov Nadezhdy Orphanage School No. 95, Childhood home and Rovesnik orphanages Made charitable donations. Purchased and installed sports facilities and playgrounds at the youth camp of the Childhood Home’s orphanage.
Continued funding of rehabilitation programmes for children suffering from cerebral palsy.
Mezhdurechensk Continued funding of rehabilitation programmes for children suffering from cerebral palsy.
Tashtogol College of Mining Technologies and Services Helped improve its facilities.
Tula region School No. 4 Equipped a computer lab and an auditorium for special needs children.
Gave presents to disadvantaged children.

The Group invests in developing urban infrastructure in the towns, cities, and regions in which we operate. We sponsor, finance, and support a number of medical, educational, and cultural projects.

Case study

EVRAZ Olymp Arena in Kachkanar

EVRAZ donated around US$5.4 million towards building the EVRAZ Olymp Arena and Skiing track (over 2 kilometres in length) in Kachkanar. The newly constructed complex is outfitted for football, basketball, and volleyball. Also, two football fields were laid in the vicinity of the arena. The newly built facilities are capable of hosting competitions and public skiing sessions and practices. There are plans in 2020 to build a ski lodge near the track.

Evraz for Cities projects
Location Institution/entity Description
Nizhny Tagil Children’s municipal hospital Purchased furniture, including beds and sofas.
Nycomed medical infirmary Purchased defibrillators, electrocardiographs, and medical training equipment.
Gornozavod Ural open-air Museum Donated a GAZelle cargo-and-passenger vehicle, which allows employees to transport exhibits between museum buildings spread across the city, and also enables ethnographical trips to be made.
Sverdlovsk region Nizhny Turinsky urban district Contributed to developing a park improvement project.
Guryvesk Kindergarten No. 1 Lastochka and Secondary school No. 16 In celebration of Miner’s Day, the Group helped restore the facades and roofs of buildings.
Kachkanar Donated materials and crushed gravel for the construction and restoration of roads.
Mezdurechensk Raspadsky Cultural Centre Purchased audio and video equipment.
Novokuznetsk Forum Partnered the forum Role of Women in Developing Industrial Regions.
Tashtogol Kaz Community Helped purchase and install a children’s playground, build a multifunctional sport facility, and design a pump and filter station.
Tula Village of Dubna, Mosolov Estate Helped create a metallurgical history museum.
Moscow MISiS National University of Science and Technology Sponsored the purchase of a Thermo Scientific iCAP 7,200 inductively coupled plasma optical spectrometer.

Case study

Contributing to SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Project: Dam Renovation
Stakeholders: The city of Mezhdurechesk and EVRAZ

Project Description: in Mezhdurechesk’s Western district we provided financial support for a major renovation of a dam. Also, improvements were made to the waterfront area and its vicinity, including building viewing platforms on the Usa River, constructing staircases for residents with limited mobility, creating auto and bicycle parking areas, and building playgrounds and sports facilities.

Value for stakeholders: Improvements to the city of Mezhdurechesk.

Value for EVRAZ: Improvements to a city where EVRAZ operates.


The Group sponsors sports teams as well as professional and amateur athletes from our regions of operation. In addition, we help local and regional federations and institutions organise and hold events, build and renovate sports infrastructure, and purchase required equipment. The overall aim is to popularise a healthy lifestyle among employees and their family members through sport.

Case study

High Five in Novokuznetsk, Nizhny Tagil, and Moscow

The fifth annual High Five event took place this year in Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, and Moscow. The event featured the participation of children with special needs and their parents. The Group’s employees, together with family members, local residents, and people with disabilities all participated in the competition, raising funds to purchase sports equipment for Kindergarten No. 105 in Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar remedial school and to sponsor athletes at the Novokuznestck Olympic reserve track and field school.

With thousands of runners and spectators, the event was recognised by the Golden World Awards (GWA) 2019. This is considered one of the most prestigious international awards in communication and PR, and is recognised IPRA, an international PR organisation.

High Five

Case study

Ride to Conquer Cancer

In 2019, ENA organised the Annual Ride to Conquer Cancer in Alberta, Canada. The race features thousands of cyclists, who ride over 200 kilometres in two days. In 2019, ENA raised US$93,000. ENA is a longstanding sponsor of the ride, which directly benefits the Alberta Cancer foundation, raising funds for cancer research and care.

Evraz for Sport Projects
Location Institution/entity Description
Nizhny Tagil Uralochka sports school Helped set up a beach volleyball court on the shores of the Vyisky lake, and provide access to the Mettalurg-Forum Sports complex arena.
Uralochka Volleyball Team Continued its sponsorship.
Sverdlovsk region Regional Biathlon Federation Helped hold trainings and purchase sports equipment.
Olymp Sports school Helped hold a football and mini-football competition.
Kachkanar Municipal District Federation of Sambo and Judo Continued its sponsorship of the event.
Zvezdochka Kindergarten Funded the creation of a sensory garden as part of the City of Friends – ​City of Ideas programme. To develop the children’s senses, a territory is divided into three zones: contemplative, research, and gaming.
Kemerovo region Shoria hockey team Reimbursed the cost of equipment and participating in Night Hockey League qualifying competitions.
Dream Ski project For the third consecutive year the project was held for children with cerebral palsy whose parents are employees of the Group.
Novokuznetsk Mettalurg Hockey Team Continued its sponsorship.
Kuznetsk Metallurgist Sport Centre. Organised the Raspadskata Gunter Cup 2019 event, which attracted 3,000 spectators. In the event the 12 best basketball teams in Siberia competed in a street ball competition. During the event, Russian basketball stars held master classes for students of basketball schools as well as any local children who wished to attend.
Rural community of Tersinsky Helped install a hockey rink.
Komanda Foundation Helped organise and hold the national orienteering event Russian Azimuth‑2019, as well as the 84th traditional athletic relay race, with prizes from the newspapers Kuznetsk Worker and EVRAZ News. The Komanda Foundation supports the development of sports teams. The events were dedicated to Victory Day.
Mezdurechensk Sports School of Hockey, and Figure Skating hockey team Vympel‑2008 Helped the team travel by air to participate in the Russian National Finals of the Tarasov Golden Puck Club of in Sochi.
Tomusinets United Sports and Health Club Assisted in rebuilding a mini-football pitch.
Tashtogol Ski competition Held the 16th annual Andrey Sevenyuk corporate alpine skiing and snowboarding competition.
Tula Regional Thai Boxing Federation Assisted in acquiring sports equipment and participation in the Russian Cup.

In 2019, across the cities of Nizhny Tagil, Kachkanar, Novokuznetsk, and Mezhdurechensk, the annual grant contest EVRAZ: City of Friends – ​City of Ideas was held. The project seeks to engage the public in improving their cities and surrounding environments, and is held in the form of a grant competition, where contestants are able to submit ideas on improving urban spaces, landscaping, environmental protection, and developing social initiatives.

The contest received 211 project applications from the Group’s Siberian enterprises and 135 from the Group’s Urals enterprises, with 54 projects receiving grants (from a total of 346 projects that applied) worth US$223,986. Programme websites displaying projects received a total of 139,555 views, and over 28,700 votes for projects were registered.

Examples of winning projects
Title of project Description
Health Path A project in Nizhny Tagil creates outdoor activity paths in a forest area. This project is aimed at improving the health of local residents and visitors, and encouraging visitors to walk and engage in recreational activities, including Nordic walking and skiing.
Live! Nizhny Tagil’s Little Theatre project: an independent association of professional artists taking part in a series of events to raise funds to help cancer patients and their relatives.
Zvezdochka The Zvezdochka kindergarten in Kachkanar is being equipped with a 100-metre wooden railway, along with a variety of trains and wagons. Train stations, tunnels, petrol stations, bridges, junctions, and buildings are also being added for the children to play in.
Children’s Traffic Park This is being built in Nizhny Tagil in order to inform and educate children about modern traffic safety. With assistance from the local police and teachers, the children will be taught and benefit from knowledge of the rules of the road.
Augmented Reality Classroom Kachkanar’s Secondary School No. 2 is being equipped with augmented reality classroom technology. The children will be able to view and study subjects in three dimensions, thereby allowing them to visualise information taught in the school curriculum.
Municipal Astronomical Centre A municipal astronomical centre is being created in the Youth Creative Centre in Nizhny Tagil. Children can familiarise themselves with modern ideas about astronomy, study the structure of the universe, and perform astronomical observations. The astronomical centre can be employed for educational research, project activities, practical studies of the night sky, as well as holding thematic events, tours, seminars, and lectures.
Duck Lake A project in Novokuznetsk’s Abagursky junction, involving cleaning the lake and its surrounding vicinity. Creating a recreational area with trails, benches, and a viewing area for local residents.
Heritage: Every Day – ​for the Good of the World, in the Name of People The project, social and environmental in nature, aims to bring local residents together to solve issues currently being faced in Novokuznetsk.
Art Helps Lives The projects involves holding an art therapy festival in Novokuznetsk for children with disabilities and their parents. On a monthly basis, the project will invite children and their parents to attend master classes on various types of art therapy.
Road Safety The Tulip Kindergarten in Mezhdurechensk will be equipped with a children’s traffic park, to teach kids practical lessons in road safety, as well as safety basics to pre-schoolers.
Owl House A specialised medical sensory room will be set up at the Centre for Social Assistance to the Families and Children of Mezhdurechensk, which will be equipped with all necessary equipment to assist with the sensory development of children and adolescents with particular disabilities.