Goals for 2020 and the midterm period

EVRAZ will continue to make efforts to enhance the quality and efficiency of procurement processes, as part of our major goal of integrating sustainability aspects into supply chain management.

For 2020 and the medium term actions to facilitate improving the supply chain were developed, in line with the supply chain strategy, the roadmap for developing the procurement function, and the results of external evaluations. The main tasks are as follows:

  • Automating monthly KPI calculations and introducing management dashboards to display them
  • Reviewing the business functions of back offices and transferring repetitive operations to them, while front offices focus on negotiations with suppliers and market analysis
  • Developing automated supplier accreditations
  • Optimising the process of tail spend items purchasing
  • Making warehouse distribution optimisation initiatives
  • Organising sessions with suppliers at production sites to come up with innovative collaboration ideas
  • Implementing uniform web-portals for external suppliers and internal customers
  • Developing category management and cross-functional interaction
  • Developing employees’ competencies in procurement
  • Conducting benchmark analysis in procurement practices of competitors and implementing best practices