Management approach

EVRAZ aims to build positive and sustainable partnerships with local communities wherever we operate, by adhering to the best international standards of sustainable development and actively engaging with local communities. EVRAZ has developed an effective approach towards engaging with these communities, which includes developing local infrastructure, supporting and financing programmes for children, sponsoring sports teams, and protecting the environment. All current programmes have long-term planning implemented from the start. The aim of these activities is to foster and develop a sustainable and positive partnership between local stakeholders and EVRAZ.

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All the Group’s social investments are made on a voluntary basis. The Group’s headquarters are responsible for engaging with and executing projects with stakeholders at a national level, in addition to developing and implementing strategic priorities and guidelines. Key engagement responsibilities within our regions of operation are upheld by government relations and the public relations departments of EVRAZ. Local stakeholder engagement and on-site community relations are dealt with at enterprise level.

Implemented within our Corporate StrategyFor more information, see website is the creation of value for the local communities and regions in which we operate. We believe our business prosperity is ultimately linked to the success of these regions and the satisfaction of local communities in the areas where we operate. Hence transparent and constructive cooperation is a fundamental value upheld in all EVRAZ activities and developments.

Strategic goal for local communities

EVRAZ sees that business sustainability is ultimately linked to the success of communities in the regions where we operate, and we support these through social and improvement programmes.

Key documents
Key Documents Description
Code of Business Conduct

The EVRAZ way upholds the principles of creating shared values and respecting the human rights, views, and traditions of the inhabitants of our regions of operation.

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Regulation for Interaction with state authorities

The principles and rules of engagement with federal and local authorities that we adhere to.

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Social Investment Guidelines

Our local community engagement approach. Outlining the Group’s priorities and eligibility criteria for social investments.

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Policy on Charitable Donation and Sponsorship Activity

An underlying regulatory document setting out the key principles and requirements adopted by the Group to prevent corruption, and ensure ethical business conduct and compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws.

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The Group yearly approves the Social Investment Programme: this sets the priorities and budget for social investment for the year ahead. EVRAZ seeks to establish an active dialogue with local community representatives, which allows us to identify the most pertinent and important projects that we can then incorporate into our Social Investment Guidelines and EVRAZ priorities. The report on implementing the Social Investment Programme is published at the end of each year by EVRAZ.

EVRAZ operates two charity funds in Siberia and the Urals, which are managed by supervisory boards. The charity funds adhere to the EVRAZ Charity policy and Social Investment Guidelines and set target investment objectives.

At EVRAZ North America (ENA), the Group’s community relations are monitored by the Director of Communications and Government Affairs, with supervision from the Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

Under the Social Investment Guidelines, EVRAZ does not support the following:

  • Organisations and programmes that influence legislation or elect candidates to state or local public offices
  • Political, military, religious, and national or local governmental organisations and projects

In 2019, EVRAZ allocated US$33.9 million for social expenses, including support for sports, culture, education, science and local communities.

Social expenses (incl. charity), US$ million