Goals for 2020 and the midterm period

In 2020, we will continue making efforts to contribute to sustainability development globally. As the key priority the Group set implementation of its commitments within the National Project “Clean Air” and achieving the National Environmental Targets for air emission reduction in Novokuznetsk and Nizhny Tagil. EVRAZ Air Emission reduction programme includes:


  • Coke gas cooling system upgrade. 2020 task – ​to start construction works
  • Off Gas Desulfurisation Installation. 2020 task – ​to complete design stage
  • Electric precipitator restoration (HPS). 2020 task – ​to upgrade the filters on boiler No. 10


  • Coke gas direction to by-product recovery plant No. 3. 2020 task – ​to start construction works
  • Off-gas cleaning units efficiency upgrade. 2020 task – ​to complete upgrade of gas cleaning units at oxygen converter shop
  • New off-gas cleaning installation at blast furnace No. 6. 2020 task – ​to complete construction

EVRAZ Vanady-Tula:

  • Kiln off gas system upgrade. 2020 task – ​to complete commissioning of the new off gas cleaning unit

EVRAZ North America:

  • Regina Reheat Furnace NOx Reduction & Upgrade. 2020 task – ​to complete installation of low NOx burners.
  • Water management programmes launched in the previous year will be continued at EVRAZ operations: EVRAZ ZSMK, EVRAZ NTMK, Raspadskaya and EVRAZ Vanady-Tula. Construction of treatment facilities at Mezhegeyugol Coal Company will also start in 2020