Management approach

At EVRAZ we recognise that the achievements and success we take pride in would not be possible without the considerable efforts of our employees. For this reason, we work continuously on ensuring the effectiveness of our personnel management practices, including those relating to employee recruitment, retention, and education; increasing employee engagement; and developing internal social programmes. In addition, we take all possible measures to ensure respect and to provide equal rights and opportunities to all our employees.

EVRAZ is a major metals and mining business, and has enterprises across the globe. The Group is one of the main employers in our regions of operation, and this entails additional responsibilities. EVRAZ is committed to creating favourable working conditions and to guaranteeing social security and safeguarding employee rights, and we adhere to the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

All types of modern slavery are strictly prohibited at all EVRAZ enterprises and also among their suppliers. We are committed to conducting business ethically and we require that our suppliers agree to the same ethical framework.

The Group complies strictly with respective legislation and all applicable international standards. Our activities in this area are regulated by the following key internal documents: the Code of Business Conduct, the Anti-Corruption Policy, and the Policy on Insurance.

We also have a document in place, A Programme for the Socially Responsible Release and Post-Admission of Personnel of Russian Group Enterprises and Their Subsidiaries, which ensures that employees released as part of our headcount reduction initiatives (aimed at improving efficiency at enterprises) are provided with financial support and receive help finding new employment.

Organisational structure of EVRAZ HR management

In 2019, EVRAZ elaborated a new HR management strategy, which comprises four general goals related to personnel management:

  1. Becoming the best employer in our regions of operation
  2. Ensuring that employees share EVRAZ principles, conduct work in accordance with EVRAZ business systems, and ensure a high level of employee engagement
  3. Ensuring that employees have all necessary competences and are ready to master new professions and to attend retraining programmes
  4. Ensuring that people work effectively